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Worst Kind Of Forced Labour In Practice In Maung Daw

Worst Kind Of Forced Labour In Practice In Maung Daw
August 06
15:10 2013

Ali Arakani

RvisionTV News

August 5, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan– In southern Maung Daw, Rohingyas have been facing severe forced labour under a military officer, Major Ye Win Aung of battalion 352 based in Sair Koom Baw (Tharay Kunbaung), southern Maung Daw. He has confiscated the lands of Rohingyas and handed over to Rakhines. Besides, Rohingyas are even forced to harrow and cultivate the lands on behalf of and for Rakhines.

An elderly Rohingya explains “every day, major Ye Win Aung together with his nine to ten comrades raids any one of the villages in southern Maung Daw and forces people to go for labouring. When people hesistate to go, they get beaten and tortured. Besides, he makes every one forced labour irrespective to minors or adults. Take the village of Sainda Fara (Thandar) in southern Maung Daw as an example. He pressures the village administrator, Sirajullah S/o Nagu (35), and three other former NaSaKa collaborators to gather forced labours. Even yet, if he doesn’t get the exact number of people he demands, he beats and tortures people after having them worked as forced labours. And similar atrocities are happening in the surrounding villages.”

“Our lands were confiscated and handed over to Rakhines. We are forced to harrow and to cultivate the lands becuase according to them, Rakhines do not know how to do them. We have to provide our own (seed) grains for cultivation because Rakhines do not have them. We, now, feel that in the future, we may be forced to feed Rakhines because Rakhines do not know how to eat by themselves. It is, in fact, the worst kind of forced labouring” exclaimed a Rohingya farmer!

“This is the second time Major Ye Win Aung has been transferred to the region after an approximate period of seven months. Seven months earlier, he had been in charge of the region and was then tranferred to other parts of Arakan for his brutal oppression against the people and human rights abuses. Now, he has, for the second time, come to oppress people” said another Rohingya.



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