msa April 23, 2015

By Ziaur Rahman

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 The UN calls Myanmar’s Rohingya community one of the world’s most persecuted minorities in the world.

“Still no Legal or other means of action is taken against Myanmar. Demonstrations are going on all around the world and condemnation from every government is coming but persecution is still going on.

Rohingya appealed to UN, Human rights and international community to take a very strong and positive action against Myanmar.


Mohammed Rafiqur, a Rohingya Refugee boy, arrived in Malaysia last year, expecting freedom in Malaysia. But now he finds the situation is very difficult to survive as he is without a refugee document from UNHCR in Malaysia. 

While forty thousand refugees were registered by UNHCR, and approximately more 100,000 are unregistered yet. Now, they are living in difficult situation in Malaysia without refugee status.

Over fifteen thousand of the Rohingyas are suffering in Thai prison and they find no means to raise their voice and say about their miseries.

Moreover, hundreds of thousands of other Rohingya Refugees are being denied access to humanitarian aids at camps in neighboring Bangladesh. Of them, only an estimated 30,000 refugees are registered by UNHCR and living in UNHCR-sponsored camps.


Moreover, the Rohingya flee Arakan for unidentified destinations because of the persecution by Burmese regime. They have no country to call their own after their citizenship being denied by Myanmar (Burmese) government under 1982 Citizenship, a law coined specifically to strip off their citizenship violating several international norms.

In June, hundreds of Rohingya people were killed in the state-sponsored violence in Myanmar. And the ensuing violence forced around 80,000 Rohingya to flee their homes.


All in all, Myanmar’s government has been systematically persecuting the Rohingya people to force them out of their ancestral homeland and making the region free of Rohingya Muslims However,. in order to have a solution, International Government Bodies and United Nations must act to bring a genuine democracy. Certainly since Myanmar is not a Democratic country, its current quasi civilian government controlled by military tyrants has no limit of violations against humanity or no limits of human rights violations and committing  injustice and mankind.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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