When Nation Rohingya Found “Independence” in the Land of the Ache

By August 19, 2015 12:05

When Nation Rohingya Found “Independence” in the Land of the Ache

North Aceh – The word “Freedom” may not have been owned and perceived nation Rohingya who was force to flee and were stranded in the waters of the Strait of Malacca some time ago, and is now housed in the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) Adoe Blang village, Kuta Makmur subdistrict, North Aceh. The National Committee for the Rohingya Solidarity (KNSR) on Tuesday (08/18/2015), around 17:00 pm yesterday held over Independence Day race.

Rakhes (50), said that she never felt the sense of celebrating the independence of a nation, as in the country they are not considered part of citizens must be protected but the expulsion Yanga to murder perceived.

“The Muslims do not have the right to celebrate religious freedom unless they have been changed, so freedom does not belong to the Rohingya Muslims. Menyelamatkann sake of freedom of religion as Muslim, was carried out despite resistance should die displaced and separated with a family in pelariaan, “Rakhes story.

Welcomes Hut RI 70th, Nation Rohingya in shelters, amounting to 322 people participated in various competitions, competitions for children eating crackers race, race Guli run jute and adults while a tug of war. Although the race run simple, yet lively and full of intimacy.

Zainal Bakrie, a spokesman for ICS on juangnews.com explained, is to enliven HUT RI race for Rohingya Nation,

“Each winner is awarded a prize to be entertaining,” said Zainal.

Juangnews.com monitoring, atmosphere ICS shelter with a number of infrastructure facilities, Rohingya Nation seemed to find “freedom”, even though in the land. Women and children are able to perform activities, cooking, resting, playing and interacting with others.

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By August 19, 2015 12:05

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