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Weapons Seized in Series of Raids in Rakhine Villages and Monasteries

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Weapons have been being seized in series during the raids by the Myanmar Military in Rakhine villages and their monasteries across the Arakan state, according to the reliable sources.

The military started raiding the monasteries and the Rakhine villages after its clashes with a Rakhine militant outfit, Arakan Army started recently. The Rakhine people are alleged of cooperating with Arakan Army (AA) against its fight with Myanmar’s military.

Following cases are some of the recent incidents where the military have seized weapons during the raids and the arrests made for possession illegal lethal weapons.

  • On April 27, swords and weapons were seized from the Buddhist monastery at ‘Wimala’ village in Ward 3, Maungdaw. Subsequently, the abbot of the monastery was arrested for storing weapons in the monastery.
  • On April 28, two Rakhine extremists were arrested at ‘San Pya’ village in Ward 4, Maungdaw, for their alleged links with Arakan Army.
  • On April 30, a few Rakhine extremists were arrested at ‘Ywa Thit’ village in Ward 4, Maungdaw, for the same alleged links.
  • On May 5, some guns and grenades were seized from ‘Alludaw Bre’ monastery in Myoma Kayintan (Shidda Fara) , Maungdaw.
  • On May 6, guns, pistols and grenades were seized from the monastery at ‘Aung Bala’ village of Shwe Zar (Shujah) village tract, Maungdaw.
  • On May 7, some guns, bombs and swords were seized from ‘Damma Yun’ monastery in Myoma Kayintan, Maungdaw. The abbot of the monastery along with two other monks and some Rakhine leaders were arrested for storing the weapons in the monastery.
  • Similar weapons were seized from the monasteries in Buthdaung Township as well.
  • On May 7, U Maung Gyi, a Rakhine extremist, was arrested in ‘Inn Din’ village, southern Maungdaw, for possession of a pistol at his home.
  • Similarly, guns and grenades were seized from Rakhine villages such as ‘Thurin, Ran Aung Prang and Wak Chin’ in northern Maungdaw.
  • Earlier this month, the military arrested 12 members of Arakan Army in ‘Kyi Nouk Thi’ hamlet of ‘Nga Ran Chaung’ village tract in northern Buthidaung.
  • On May 12, the abbot of the monastery at ‘Kaing Gyi’ hamlet of ‘Tharay Kunbaung’ village tract, southern Maungdaw, was arrested for storing guns and swords in the monastery.
  • In the last week of April, three monks and other seven Rakhine separatists were arrested at ‘Sin Koe Naing’ village in Rathedaung Township for storing guns and swords in the monastery.

However, at a time when weapons are being seized from Rakhine villages and the monasteries, the administrator of Maungdaw Township is spreading rumors that he has received information of the *RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) sneaking into Myanmar’s territory. Therefore, based on that, he has directed the police and the Border Guard Police to patrol Rohingya villages and raid their homes. The township administrator is a Rakhine ethnic himself and hence, is spreading rumors to divert attention of the military from the core Arakan Army problem.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

Note: *RSO is a former Rohingya armed wing. It has been disbanded long ago and is now non-existent as an armed group.

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