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Water Scarcity, Once again Reported from Makeshift Camps

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 13th December 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: Once again Rohingya from various makeshift camps have been complaining with water scarcity since the beginning of this month, reports a local source today (13 December).

Rohingya in Unciparang, Ali Hali, Shialla Guna and all nearby makeshift camps have been suffering severely with water scarcity for more than a year, since their arrival.

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Rohingya in those makeshift camps have to travel to nearby jungles and water bodies, which is quite dangerous to travel for women and children, especially the pregnant women.

“All people who come here advise us to return home (Arakan) without gaining back our rights, but no on is  bothered about our current sufferings,” says a Rohingya women from an affected area.

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According to Rohingya living in the affected areas, a few water pump in each area can the solve the issue to a minimum level.

Water scarcity is not a new scene in the makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaaar, where Rohingya are tremendously suffering with water shortage along with many other immediate human needs.

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