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Water Scarcity Increased Rohingya’s Sufferings

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 11th July 2018

Tengkhali: Shortage of water facilities in various makeshift camps of Cox’sbazaar, Bangladesh have increased the sufferings of the Rohingya residing there, reports our sources on 7th July 2018.

In camps of Kutupalong water pumps are not meeting the requirement of such a huge population there.


Rohingya water collecting pots seen to be in long queue in Tenghali makeshift camp, Cox’sbazaar. Image: RVISION TV


There people are seen to be standing in long queues since morning till evening. Due to the long duration of standing under the hot sun, people leave there water pots in queues and wait for their turn.

Water facilities are worst in Balukhali, Tenghali and Zamtoli makeshift camps as well, due to the hilly slopes of the areas.

Although many water pumps were donated by various bodies, but due to the low water level in those slopes, water pumps stops working after a few days of digging.

In different camps of Tenghali area similar queues of water pots are seen as well.


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“If a person stands from morning sometime it takes till the evening to get his turn of filling the water pots. Situations are getting worst day by day”, explains a Rohingya from Tenghali camp.

Ongoing water crises have increased the sufferings of the Rohingya further and crises seems to be worsen day by day.


Water collection queue in Tenghali camp. Image: RVISION TV


Since late 2017, nearly 800, 000 Rohingya were forced to flee towards Bangladesh and are living in these ghettos by fighting for all forms of basic humanitarian needs.

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