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Waqar Zaka in Burma, practically helping Rohingya Muslims

Footage by:Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka in Burma, practically helping Rohingya Muslims
June 24
17:57 2015

Waqar Zaka, who is currently in Burma to support Rohingya Muslims, has uploaded another self-captured video of his visiting the areas where downtrodden live.

In this video, Waqar Zaka revealed how difficult it was for him approach theAkkyab( Sittwe), the majority area of Rohingya Muslim, to see with naked eyes the conditions these inhabitants have been facing. He told in the video that he had to have a permit from the government in order to reach that particular area. Besides, he also had to give bribe to a number of points to many people to get himself arrived his destiny.

After reaching th Akkayb (Sittwe), Zaka witnessed and captured the plight of the Rohingya Muslims and inquired about the reason behind their current pathetic situation. He met the Rohingya community and interacted with them so that he may really help them.

He was told by the natives that in case any of the government official finds him helping these people it will create more problem for them. At asking about whom he should hand over the donations collected to help them, Zaka was told by the natives that there live a religious scholar whom he might deliver the collected so that he may distribute it honestly among the inhabitants.

Zaka not only handed over the donations to that cleric but also asked him to tell the reasons why they are being persecuted by the Buddhists. The old man revealed that it was due to religious indifference that Buddhists are inflicting such atrocities upon them. He was also described about the lack of facilities they have in there.

At Zaka’s asking about how would it be possible to help them, they said the government would not allow any such favours for them. At the end of their meeting, Waqar asked the representative of the Rohingya Muslims to give him their bank account number or at least their cell number so that he may provide direct add to them.

To conclude his video, Waqar Zaka has bluntly said that he is neither a tourists nor a typical reporter and whatever he is doing is his own wish which brought about great delight and that he damn care about what people back in Pakistan say about his act.

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