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MS Anwar | Analysis

August 26, 2013

A massive violence against Muslims at the village of Htan Gone in Kan’ Balu township, Sagaing Division, took place on 24th August 2013. It started roughly at 9PM on 24th August 2013 and continued through the whole night leaving more than 30 houses burnt down and other approximately 40 houses destroyed. Besides, 17 shops were looted, one rice factory and a rice store were burnt down respectively. All these properties were owned by solely Muslims.


A Burning Scence of Muslim's Houses at Kan Balu in Sagaing Division (Photo: Local Source)
A Burning Scence of Muslim’s Houses at Kan Balu in Sagaing Division (Photo: Local Source)

The tactic used to trigger the violence was that a Muslim boy apparently assaulted a Buddist woman. A 13-year-old Muslim boy in Htan Gone attempted to hug and rape a Buddhist woman while passing in broad daylight. Sounds absurd, deoesn’t it?Consequently, Police arrested the boy and detained him in the Police Lock-up. Soon after, the (supposed) concerned local Buddhists including Monks demanded the Police to hand over the boy to them. Police refused to do so as usual. Therefore, the angry mob (the term Burmese regime and its domestic media like to use for the Buddhist terrorists) began to call for more people around 4:30PM. When they started to gather more people through loud speakers, there were around 70 Hlun Htein (Security Force) present at the scence.

Like awlays, Security Force did nothing to prevent the mob from attacking Muslims and their properties. Hence, the Buddhistsstarted attacking at 9:30PM. In fact, sheer willfully-created rumors took the shape of a disgusting violence. Subsequently, the Police announced that they arrested 30 people related to the violence against Muslims. Who knows if they actually arrested or not? Even though the arrests are true, how would we know whether they are punished or later released?

This so and so tactic has been in use to target innocent Muslims in Myanmar for more than a year. First spread rumors of assaults on Buddhist women, gather ignorant fools and simply target Muslims. Hardly would anyone forget how the violence against Rohingyas was tiggered in June 2012. And remember how the atrocities against Muslims in Meikhtila, Lashio and Than Dwe by the (Buddhist) terrorists in Myanmar took their respective beginnings. Don’t you find any similarities?

Who are behind all these violence? Many people will answer Wirathu, a pseudo Monk, and his 969 terrorist gangs. Yes but they are in the front-lines of (not behind) the violence against Muslims. Wirathu and his 969 gangs are smoke-screen. Who are actually pulling the strings behind? It is an open secret but many especially those who have vested-interests in Myanmar will not like to take the names of these actual culprits. In a country like Myanmar, no one can yet protest as he/she/they will unless the government wants him/her/them to do so. So to speak, any attack against anyone without the government’s consent in Myanmar is out of question.


Many Muslim's Houses Were Burnt Down by Buddhists at Kan Balu in Sagaing Division (Photo: Local Source)
Many Muslim’s Houses Were Burnt Down by Buddhists at Kan Balu in Sagaing Division (Photo: Local Source)

Therefore, when the Burmese regime speaks of arrests of the criminals behind the violence and of justice, it rings hollow. To make it simpler, apart from the fact that the Burmese regime is targeting Muslims for political and strategic gains, the officials in the regime are deeply supremacist, racist and islamophobic. They do not want any Muslims in Myanmar. Then, the rest of other religious minorities will be cleansed…

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