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More Villages Burnt in Muangdaw and Buthidaung

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 10th October 2017

Arakan: Rakhine Extremists set fire in ward 5 of Maungdaw and Zobborfara (Thera) of Buthidaung townships yesterday (9th October, 2017) reports our correspondents from various affected locations.
Extremists Rakhines (moghs) and Hindus arrived at 7:25 PM in the ward 5 of Maungdaw and burnt 2 Rohingya houses.
Similar incidences took place in Buthidaung Township in the village of Zobborfara (thera).There house of Rohingya named to be Bashir karim S/O Abdul Malek was torched by 3 extremists Rakhines (Moghs) at 12:35 PM. Later fire was extinguished by local Rohingyas nearby at 1:30 pm.
Earlier border Guard Police (BGP) and Military from the camp of Naisadong arrived in the halhasarfara of Tami area in Buthidaung and set fire to the remaining Rohingya houses.
Following the incidence Rakhine extremists (Moghs), Murung, and Chakmas looted the household goods of the vacant Rohingya houses and started to threaten the remaining Rohingyas by phone calls. Their phone calls made a Rohingya youth to be arrested by the Military, who went to answer their call in the hilly area for the network issues at home.
Looting of Rohingya properties are accelerating day by day, where the Extremists Rakhines (Moghs) and Hindus in collaboration with government Authorities started a new illegal business of selling and buying the looted Rohingya properties.

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