Shuaib September 14, 2016

Buthidaung- Village head U Maung Gyi and his two racial friends- U Maung Nyun and U Aung Win Wei- are raping the innocent Rohingya women, persecuting and extorting money from Rohingya in different ways in Porahprang, Southern Buthidaung, Arakan, a local reported.

The tree sinners forcibly collected one thousands Kyats per cow or per buffalo and one kilogram of meat as well from the animal sacrificing Rohinya in the Eid-ul-Adha festival in this year. They got 150 thousands Kyats from 150 cattle and the collected beefs have been given to Moghs. They also snatched 10 pieces of whole skin of buffalos which were given to Na-Ta-La villagers (the Moghs who have been settled by military junta on the farmlands of Rohingya) to eat.

The stalls sat aside by the roads in festival were compelled to give 50 thousands Kyats per one. And the most terrifying and shocking misbehavior of them is that the tree bodies come to the Rohingya hamlets untimely and unexpectedly to rape the spinsters and women.

They extorted 600 thousands Kyats from Zubair, son of Eliyas threatening him on giving divorce to his wife in 2015, 1 million Kyats by selecting five heads to head100 houses according to their wills and 500 thousands from Alom, son of Abdurahman alleging him of visiting to Bangladesh illegally.

Moreover, the village head collected over 1 million Kyats from the Rohingya hamlets saying that we was ordered by forestry officer to collect one thousand Kyats per house but he gave him only 200 thousands Kyats and the rest were misappropriated.

The village head U Maung Gyi frequently threatens the villagers saying that he must collect the money he spent to become head from the Rohingya and wants to be the wealthiest one in Na-Ta-La village.

Although Rohingya people are reporting all of his cruelties to the higher authorities, they let him free to carry on his ill-treatment as they want to cleanse the ethnic Rohingya from Arakan State.


Edited by: M. Shuaib

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