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A Video Interview Victimized A Rohingya Victim

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 10th November, 2017

Kutupalong: A trapped Rohingya was chased by the Burmese authorities and had to flee to Bangladesh after he was seen in a video interview conducted by a news channel, reports the victim today (10th November, 2017) in a call interview conducted by Rohingya Vision TV.

A media conducted a video interview from a trapped Rohingya named to be Shofi Alam from the beach of Donghali (Pynyaung Gyi) of Maungdaw about the trapped situation of 12, 700 Rohingya, whom were forced to be displaced from their own villages and are waiting to cross over to Bangladesh since a month.

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Immediately after the publishing of the interview on 5th November, 2017, security forces and military started to chase him on the beach. To safe guard his life he started the dangerous journey towards Bangladesh.

“I did not have any money to give to the boatman so I used a big gallon and floated till I reached to some fishing boats on the sea, with the help of the fishing boat very hardly I reached Bangladesh now” says the victim Shofi Alam over a phone call interview to Rohingya Vision TV.

“Immediate after my interview was published security forces and military started interrogating people from the beach and forced me to flee to Bangladesh. If I was caught I would be shot to death. And if the media team just maintained a little precaution on my privacy, I think I would have stayed back with my family” added the victim after his struggles to reach Bangladesh made him severely weak in health with deep injuries on the legs.

Burmese authorities’ brutal and inhumane genocidal activities is not an unknown fact to the world, but a lack of little precaution such as hiding or blurring the victims identification made him double victimized and forced him towards a journey of unknown fate.

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