RVISION August 13, 2015

LHOKSEUMAWE – Life is getting quiet Rohingyas in Aceh. Therefore, the westernmost province in Indonesia was ready to receive them become citizens.

” While other countries do not want, we are ready to accept Rohingya Muslims as a people of Aceh, ” said Vice Governor of Aceh Muzakir Manaf in the inauguration speech shelters in Blang Adoe, Kuta Makmur subdistrict, North Aceh District, yesterday afternoon.

He hopes that all parties continue to give full support to these persecuted people.

In the opening ceremony, also attended by the Regent of North Aceh Muhammad Thaib, 0103 North Aceh commander Lt. Col. Eka Oktavian Revelation Cahyono, North Aceh Secretary Isa Ansari, charismatic cleric Abati, Vice President of ACT Foundation Ibn Hajar, President of the National Committee of the Rohingya Solidarity (KNSR) Syuhelmaidi Gratitude , and Chairman of KPA Pase TGK Zulkarnaini bin Hamzah.

In his speech, the Regent of North Aceh Muhammad Thaib said it wanted the men would be able to live independently while in shelters.

” The local government will provide the land. That is, they do not just eat and sleep in shelters. It certainly creates their ability to live in a society, ” he said.

Not only that, he was very supportive when there Acehnese are able to settle down with the Rohingya Muslims. ” Yes, what’s the harm if a mate. There are also people we were married Rohingya Muslims here, ” said Mad Checks, his call, the sound of laughter greeted the invitees.

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