RVISION May 6, 2015

As you all know well that Rohingyas have already passed about 24 years in this captive life in quest of durable solution but the result is still zero and no outlook for us .And you know better is that repatriation is quite impossible by us due to running catastrophes, racism, sectarian violence, denying citizenship and 1982 deliberately law amendment against Rohingya by Myanmar government. Myanmar government intentionally made us stateless and even recently delisted the Rohingya from suffrage in upcoming election. So we finally like to urge and request you to ensure our ultimate mandatory solution which is being deserved by us according to refugee convention and final definite options. We ultimately like to go for some solutions that can be implemented. We don’t want to be any longer burden for Bangladesh. So we do pray and hope that your competent advocacy and philanthropy will bring a fruitful conclusion on our long pending solution to rebuild our lives in peace and dignity as per 3rd refugee deserving option.

“Education is the back bone of the nation” and education is also a basic human rights. So we would like to have some more supports and further assistance in education. We need the quality education to ensure better and the bright futurity. Being marginalized and pessimistic refugee, Education is the only key tool for us to ensure the desired  goal.At present the education that our children getting  here is only the primary level in Bangladeshi national curriculum. That is, our children are learning basic education but students are not being certified  formally.Means, the certificates of passing primary are being issued as invalid out of the camp. The validity is only within the camp. If so, these documents will be the cause of our children’s insecurity of further education in future due to invalidity of certificates. So we would like to request the Bangladesh government, UNHCR and others refugee education program related authorities to ensure the formal certification of our schools students, Beside this, We are not provided with any higher study facilities in the camp.So most of our  youth generation are not getting any scoops here.Due to these barriers we are requesting  to arrange some training courses in the camp like hard ware course on computer, English speaking and vocabulary  course, driving, mechanical training, internet browsing, courses on different productivity and sports, etc which can make them independent in their individual ground as a self –reliance and in the service of community as well.We want some permanent solution  to overcome any obstacle in acquiring education in the camp. So we are highly requesting you to acquire us with higher and quality educational facilities through the formal curriculum.

Shelter is one of the basic human rights. So ensuring a shelter to a human is inevitable. Our existing houses or shelters are aparthard and  too squalid . Most of the sheds and shelters have been damaged and destroyed.These were built in late 2005 and haven’t got the repairing yet. Though It’s yearly repairable. As a result, we face ankle -deep water inside the house during the rainy reason. You can realize the rest reasons at ease. And most of us are incapable financially to repair the sheds. During the rainy reason, most of the family move on starvation and sleepless due to water falling. All the food, clothing and house hold materials gets doomed in rain water.So currently shelter construction is the most important for us.Following that all the donor countries, UNHCR, Bangladesh government and consortiums are requested to draw your kind attention and consideration regarding our SHELTERS. We also like to request you honors to repair some specific roads or paths and provide some further solar posts in the required area inside the camp.

Food is the vital element of living. It’s an inevitable to every human as well as any animal. Now we are facing problem and hardship with the food. That is, the existing food amount that we are getting from WFP is not sufficient for us. The amount is too scant for a person. And majority of us can’t afford enough dieting. And It’s getting  very hard to cope the family’s requirements  with this amount of food. At other hand we are not allowed to go out of the camp to make income source or any form of earning activities. So we are earnestly requesting you all to provide us with the sufficient amount of food according to international refugee food standard. By facing unbearable food scarcity, some of the refugee are compelled to go out of the camp for earning activities.Going there, they face many problems and insecurity. They often face physical torture, fabricated cases filling, not paying the wages of workers by masters and even confinement. This is why, if you can provide us sufficient food, it shall be one of the best help to us. We also need some occasional or seasonal supports beside food like:clothing, mosquito nets, blankets, sleeping mats, etc.

Another difficulty is the medication, which is the most important support and service for a human being. So we are viewing it in emergency stand. But here we are facing unexpected problem with the medical cases. That is, we don’t have the any approachable and reliable medical service in the camp.We always face the budget shortage. As a result, most of the patients are suffering from mild, moderate and severe diseases due to the shortage of budget. Most of the chronic patients are suffering long times due to some circumstances of expensive medical cases. Finally we need some far more supports and backing for this emergency services. We also like to have the middle standard medical facilities in the camp to reduce the referral cases and patients suffering. For example: some pregnant delivery patients are compelled to referral for scissors or abnormal delivery. At that time patients suffer more for delaying and journey. And also need the ambulance with adequate charges if required .For above emerging situations, if you can provide such facilities in the camp, it will be helpful to the suffering patients.

Security is one of the vital need of any community and person. Here, we face some casual insecurity, apartheids, physical torture, sexual abuse, kidnapping (for ransom).etc by some particular local extremists and brutes. Though camp administration is not ignorant but cannot help due to the barrier of rules and regulation .We crave and hope that we will be far safe and secure through your best assistance and dedicated coordination and attention.

We wish and hope that the international community would be kind enough and draw sharp consideration and the humanitarian views through the legal advocacy regarding the above mentioned situations.

Urged by, 
Kutupalong refugee camp 
Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazaar 

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