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Urgent Shelter and Food Required For the Internally Displaced Rohingyas


Thurya Min

RVision News


Pauktaw, Arakan- Internally displaced Rohinyas in Pauktaw Township are to face grave humanitarian disasters soon in case that the steps to protect them from the coming cyclone storm are not taken in time. Many displaced Rohingyas are now moving from the low land camp of Nget Chaung to that of Sandama (Sin-Tet-Maw). Many Rohingyas are without shelter and food now. 

“Displaced Rohingyas are now moving from the camps of Nget Chaung located at a low land to Sandama due to the coming storm. People do not have any shelter and food there” said a worried displaced Rohingya from Pauktaw.

“The government just warned us to move to the safer places and now want to move to some places abandoned by Rakhines. Those places are more dangerous. The government didn’t provide any assistance. UNHCR also seems unable to help us without the permission of the government. If we don’t have shelter and food during the storm, many children and elderly may die” he continued.

Therefore, an urgent step to protect and relocate them with proper shelter and without any discrimination is necessary. Otherwise, many innocent people are going to lose their lives.

In Maung Daw as well, the authority officials are only gathering Rohingyas by force and making video of them. This is to tell the world that they are helping Rohingya as well. In reality, they are doing nothing to protect Rohingyas and only asking to move to the safer places without mentioning where to move and how to move” exclaimed a local Rohingya.