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Updates: Ongoing Burmese Military Assaults on Rohingya Civilians

Reported by Rohingya Vision Correspondents
Maungdaw, Arakan State
  1. Myanmar’s Military are demanding 100 Rohingya men from each Rohingya village in southern Maungdaw as Porters and may use them as shields in their offensive war on other civilians.
  2. 10 AM 13/10/16: Around 60 Burmese military raided ‘Ludaing (Du’dan)’ village in northern Maungdaw and started firing randomly in the village. Fearing of getting killed by the military, many villagers are leaving their homes causing mass-exodus. Meanwhile, some people decided to stay at homes; and defend their lives and properties.
    The Rohingya Civilians are facing serious shortage of foods as their business have been closed down, their properties have been being looted and their movement are severely restricted! A potential Humanitarian disaster is looming!
  3. 1 PM 13/10/16: Myanmar Military is firing Fire-Launcher & torching Rohingya Homes in ‘Kyet Yoe Pyin (Kiyari Ferang), NgaSaKyu (Naasha Furu), NganChaung (Naing Chong), WaPeik (WaBaik).’ Many homes have already been burnt down.
    Mass-exodus of people is taking place from Ngan Chaung (Naing Chaung) village to escape from being killed and being burnt down alive.
    Military Helicopters are continuously flying over the ‘Kyet Yoe Pyin (Kiyari Ferang)’ village! The situation is extremely vulnerable and it is likely heading towards a catastrophe.
  4. 2:30 PM 13/10/16: A truck-load of Roingya corpses covered under Tarpaulin Sheets was taken away fromward MyoThuGyi (Haindaa Fara) towards Maungdaw downtown. Hands and legs of some corpses were by some locals as they were exposed out of Tarpaulin.n Horrifying!


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[Compiled and Edited by M.S. Anwar]
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