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Updates: Atrocities on Rohingya Civilians Continue


Day 9: Updates on continuous atrocities

01:00 PM 17/10/2016: Military have stared raiding Singirifara, Gerekhali, Kuwarbil and Bolibazar village of Maungdaw, where they are torturing and arresting innocent Rohingya civilians in the name of operation.

11:00 PM 17/10/2016: Military have entered Raimmurbill village of Maungdaw, where they tortured innocent Rohingya civilians, arrested them and ordered their house fences to be removed immediately. Now it is heard that Military will start raiding Rabaillah Village of Maungdaw, so civilians started removing their house fences by themselves due to the fear of Military and their atrocities.

10:00 AM 17/10/2016: Since Sunday Military are continuously raiding Rohingya Villages, raping helpless women, looting goods,torturing civilians and firing anybody they want in the name of clearance operation.Up till no reports have been received about ceasing of their operations, its increasing day by day, making innocent Rohingya civilians homeless in Maungdaw.

08:30 PM 16/10/16 : Burmese military from battalion 551 are continuously firing. Gun-shots are bring heard by local Rohingyas in  TanKyauKan village. Reason unknown

01:00 PM 16/10/2016: Military in Nga Ku ra (Nappura) Village of Maungdaw have shot down 3 Rohingyas yesterday at 10:00 AM. Among 3 Innocent Rohingyas 1 of them died, while other 2 are fighting with life and death. And they are on way to death as no medical facilities are available. They are Abu Tayeb S/O Ayub, 25 and Azid S/o NurAlam, 20.

The whole village is under Military raid, where innocent Rohingya civilians are targeted and killed mercilessly.

07:00 PM 15/10/16 : Burmese military are chasing Rohingya Civilians in ZinPaingNya village; and brutally beating them and arbitrarily arresting them. They are destroying their shops and looting them. Military Helicopters are flying over the village and whoever goes into hiding in the paddy field is being observed by the helicopters from the sky, a source in the village reports.

70% of Rohingyas in Maungdaw now are in starving situation ,where instead of providing humanitarian aid to the displaced people Burmese regimes are  busy with the continuation of atrocities.

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