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Updates on the Situation of Rohingyas in MinPya Post Cyclone

Updates on the Situation of Rohingyas in MinPya Post Cyclone
August 05
17:18 2015

By Aung Aung

ARAKAN (ROHINGYA VISION TV)-Floods and cyclone Komen destroyed more than 200 houses In Arakan. Nearly 200 people became refugees, living in a school now. Which lead to the death of 8 Rohingya  there according to the latest information.

Following are the identifications of 7 Rohingya’s who dead:

  1. Umar Sadek, 25 years old-Sakkya village
  2. Husein, 20 years old from -Latori , MinPya
  3. Muhammad Amin, 40 years old- KhaLaBan
  4. Muhammad Sadik, 18 years old-TenkSeik
  5. Abu Tahir, 45 years old-TenkSeik
  6. Amir Husein, 22 years old-TenkSeik
  7. Muhammad Anwar, 17 years old-YenSeik

There are 15 Rohingya villages in MinPya Township.6 were burnt down by Government’s well trained mobs in June 2012 and converted them to IDPs (Internally Displaced people).They are: Sambali, PiekSeit. Thadar, Aungdaing, Kriktaung, TharaAuk, which have been receiving rice since 2012, but recently even that process of ration ceased form July.

Due to the floods and cyclone most of Rohingya lost their rice, cattle and other household materials. They are in urgent of need water, rice and healthcare. As Rohingya have been under genocidal blockage for three years the situations are worsening day by day.

[Edited by: Arifa Sultana]

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