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Updates on the 4th day of Massive Attack on Rohingyas

Arakan: Huge and massive firing and torching of Rohingya villages have been going on in Maungdaw and Rathedaung today (28th August, 2017), reports our correspondents in running situations.

Some recent updates since the morning:

2:00 PM: Entire village of Firhali, Buthidaung have been burned down by Military since 9:00 AM and is still burning .Torching started immediately after helicopter left the region.

1:00 PM: Ludaing village, Maungdaw is being torched by the military & is still under massive fire. And Rohingya villagers are displaced all over the region.

Earlier heavy and a large no. of Military helicopters are seen in the sky of Maungdaw, where many villages were torched by using launchers & mortars.

8:00 AM: In Koe Tan Kauk IDP (internally Displaces peoples) camp in Rathedaung is been burned down by Military along with newly influxed Bengali Moghs, where a massive gun fire is taking place. Rohingya villages in Rthedaung have been burned down completely since 25th August, 2017 & the only left Rohingyas are in edge of extinction.

Updates: 27th Aug, 2017

5:00 PM: Saimmonnafara, Doinfara, & Furanfara villages of Haidafara, Maungdaw are being torched by the military & have been turned down to ashes.

5:00 PM: Kansama, Manufara, in Taungbazar of Buthidaung women and children are being slaughtered mercilessly by the Military along with newly influxed Bengali Moghs and, the incident was eye witnessed by a 10 years old boy, who managed to escape the slaughtering.

Earlier Military have burned down the entire village of Haindafara where Rohingyas are starving for 3 days in the outskirts in hilly areas & are in need of immediate medical and humanitarian assistance.

Moreover villages in Fuktufarang, Kyangdaung, Tangana, NaraingChaung, in Buthidaung township have been burned down completely, resulting in the displacement of thousands of villagers.

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