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Updates of Arakanese Rohingya on 5th Day of Military Attack

Arakan: Rohingya Villages and civilians are under massive fire and are in run, looking for a safe shelter from their own villages to the Border of Bangladesh, where they are also restricted to cross the border by both Border security forces, reports our correspondents from different burned down villages.

Recent updates since early morning:

5:00 PM – Military have besieged Ludaing of Maungdaw,where they placed mine bombs in various locations & forced Rohingya to evacuate the village. And now villagers are taking shelters in nearby Chingirifara of Maungdaw. On the way to Chingirifara 2 pregnant ladies gave birth and civilians are suffering heavily in this human made catastrophe.

04:22 PM – Moghs along with Military started to burn down Garitibil of Maungdaw, where Razarbil, Shabbazar & 5 other villages were torched too since 2 PM.

04:00 PM – Military fired launchers on quarter 2 of Taungbazar,Buthidaung, burning down completely and now they also evacuated Rohingyas from quarter 9 and torched 4-5 houses. Where Rohingyas are in extreme limbo of saving their lives or homes.

12:00 PM – Moghs started burning village of Chaircumboo, Godusara of  Maungdaw, with Military security, where Rohingyas are running for life and are under massive fire. Almost 1500 houses have been burned down to ashes.

10:00 AM – Shabbazar of Maungdaw is being also torched since early morning and is still under massive fire. In the region Military is seen to be using heavy weapons like launchers, mortars and machine guns on innocent civilians.

9:45 AM – Dualdoli village of  Maungdaw is been under fire by the Military & is still burning now, where further casualties are still unknown

9:00 AM – Military arrived in Gerekhali, Longdong of Maungdaw, where villagers are in extreme fear of further attacks or being torched.

28th August, 2017

8:00 PM – Military along with newly arrived Moghs set fire in Dumbai village, Maungdaw, burning more than 300 houses & left all villagers homeless.

3:00 PM – In Satkainnafara, Maungdaw Military attacked with launchers, killing 4 & injured other 28. According to locals, they are in need of immediate healthcare and are in risk of losing their lives.

3:00 PM – Filhali Village in Tangana of Buthidaung was still burning since 9 AM ,which was torched by Military using explosive launchers.

2:00 PM – Entire village of Firhali, Buthidaung have been burning now since 9 AM. Torching started immediately after helicopter left the region after heavy patrolling.

Up till now Saurfordilbil, Zammoinna, Naribil, Hawarbil, Horotolibil, Londonghali, Tingisaura, Fawhali, Maungnama, Furma and many other unreported villages have been evacuated entirely because of the usage of heavy weapons by the brutal forces , displacing more than 50,000 all over the region of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung.

[Note: Report will be updated soon]

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