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UPDATES: More than 40 Rohingyas killed by Burmese Troops in Fresh Assaults

By Rohingya Vision TV,

25th August 2017

Arakan: Around 40 Rohingyas have been killed, displaced approximately 5000 in deadly attacks by Burmese on Rohingys and injured hudreds of innocent locals, where only a few members of the Burmese security forces died in self defensive attack by Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

Since early morning Rohingyas have been either shot, beaten to death,died in mine exlosion, or arrested arbitrarily in different areas of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung.

Approximate list and places of Rohingyas killed, injured and arrested are :

1.Naraing Caung, Buthidaung – More than 10 killed and approximately 50 injured.

2.Satkainnafara, Maungdaw – More than 20 injured.

3.Kuansibong,Maungdaw- more than 10 died in mine explosion and 20 families arrested.

4.Shilhali, Maungdaw – Approximately 12 killed.

5.Firingdong, Rathedaung – More tham 20 Rohingyas injured and arrested more than 50 civillians.

6.Raimmorrong, Buthidaung – Uncountable Rohingyas were tortured inhumanely leaving more than 20 critically injured.

Above are the verified cases that have collected by RVision correspondents and there are many uncountable reports of killing, arrests and tortures that are still waiting to be verified for the ongoing attacks in Rohingya villages.

In villages like Satkainnafara, kuansibong,Foirabazar,Shilhali,Raimmurbil,Naraing Chaung, Firingdong and many other unreported places have been burned down in Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung by firing launcher and explosives by the Burmese forces and Rakhines (Moghs). And these human made catastrophe have left more than 5000 Rohingyas displaced and are now running in outskirts of their villages, looking for a safe land and sky in thier own soil.

Inspite of such a coordinated attacks on local Rohingyas, US embassy and even a humanitarian body like UN have condemned over the situation only, where Rohingyas are scapegoated once again and are paying the cost of living in their own ancestral like 9th, October 2016 and 2012 state sponsored genocidal attacks.

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