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Updates: Mass Casualties of Rohingya Civilians


Updates on Casualties of day 7:

02:00 AM 15/10/2016: Due to raids,mass killing and burning down of whole village in KyetYoePyin (Kiyari Ferang), ‘Kyauk Pyin Seik (Naari Bil) and Naishafuru villages of Maungdaw, Rohingyas are forced to flee there own villages. They are in urgent need of safe shelters and humanitarian aids.

02:00 PM 15/10/2016: Yesterday 6 Rohingya civilians from Aung Sit Pyin (Dumbai) village of Maungdaw have been arrested by military during on going raids and insurgency. Arrested Rohingyas are:

  1. Kalimullah bin Abdul hashim
  2. Abu ahmed
  3. Sharafatullah bin Abdul Hashim
  4. Nur Huda bin Kalim Ullah
  5. Kamrul huda bin Kalim Ullah
  6. Abu Fayaz bin Abu Ahmed

Moreover In Aung Sit Pyin (Dumbai) and Bossora village military ordered to remove house fences from Rohingya homes.

02:20 PM 15/10/2016: Yesterday military ordered to evacuate central market of Buthidaung within an hour, which they failed to do so. From All these situation is it understood about the upcoming harsh atrocities, where military have started to make Rohingyas in starving situation in many villages from now.

03:00 PM 15/10/2016: Military in Raiding KyetYoePyin (Kiyari Ferang) village of #Maungdaw have slaughtered another Rohingya Family of 7. Where they did not spare any one including a lady who just gave birth to a baby 2 hours ago. Military slaughtered her whole body and shot down her child including all the ladies present there whom were taking care after her delivery.The village in still on fire now since yesterday destroying hundreds of Rohingya homes and Mosques, where Rohingyas are forced to flee to save lives.
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 Compiled and Edited by: Arifa

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