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Updates: Ongoing Military Assaults on Rohingya Civilians


Arakan: Situation at the ground of Arakan are at peak of devastation since the BGP headquarters were looted by unknown group, Burmese military started raiding villages, where they are arbitrarily arresting Rohingyas, raping helpless women and shooting anyone randomly.

Uptill Now following are the updates received:

24:00 11/10/2016: Military in Bura shidda fara have killed an elderly Rohingya named to Abu Ahmed, where they also killed another Rohingya named to be Humayan Ahmed in Kharifarag village.

01:00 PM 12/10/2016: Military in Long Dong have arrested an innocent Rohingya Civilian named Shabbir S/O Abdu Shukkur,35.

Later Military raided Singiri village and raped an innocent Rohingya women name Rahima,19. And now 4 Rohingya villages are still at fire, blazed by military

Now Navy Ships and military helicopter are seen to be arriving through Naff river, indicating towards more mass killing and continuation of Atrocities on Rohingyas.

03:00 12/10/2016: Military have started mass arbitrary arrest on Rohingya civilians and took them to commandment Region 1 in northern Maungdaw.

There they were threatened of killing and was told that “if we have problems in tackling the issue, you all will be killed”.

04:00 12/10/2016: 50 homes hove been burnt down by  military early morning in 4 villages which are still burning. Burning villages are:Lu daing, Seingri, Kya yo pyin and Wa Paik of Maungdaw

Moreover Army are using bombs on the roads of Nga Ku Ra and Loogdong Village.

Earlier at 10:00 AM Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGP) arressted 4 boats carring Maugh in the Naf river, while trying to invade in #Arakan

We will keep updating you as the atrocities continue to occur. Please keep watching this space for updates.

Edited by: Arifa

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