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Updates: Burmese Military’s Atrocities on Rohingya Civilians Continue

By RVision TV Correspondents

  1. A 19-year-old gang-raped Rohingya girl died on October 26, Wednesday. The victim was one of the eight women gang-raped by the Burmese Military at Naisha Furu (Nga Saa Chu) village in northern Maungdaw from October 24 to October 26.
    Critically injured, the teenage gang-raped victim was unable to get access to medical treatment as the whole region has been under the military lock down.
  2. The Border Guard Police (BGP) arrested a mentally challenged teenage boy Mohammed Shafi from Gi-Kan-Piyin (Hawar Bil) on Wednesday. The village administrator of the village, Ko Phyoe, a Rakhine Magh extremist, is misusing him as a witness of the October 9 raid on the BGP Headquarter to make an arbitrary arrest list of innocent Rohingya civilians.
    According to a local resident, the arrest list has already been pre-decided by the Rakhine administrator and he is just using the mentally boy to establish the arrest list (he made specifically targeting some innocent but influential people in the village).
  3. The Burmese Military conducted raids on three Rohingya residents in Oo Kyi Kyar (Burashidda Fara) in northern Maungdaw yesterday morning.
    Having plundered the homes, they arrested a Rohingya civilian, U Bodi Alam.

[Compiled by M.S. Anwar]

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