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Updates: A Minor Rohingya Student Abused by a Rakhine Teacher, Military Extorted Money from Rohingya Fishermen

Reports by MYARF | Maung Daw, Arakan

Written by M.S. Anwar |

September 27, 2013

1- A Minor Rohingya Student Abused by a Rakhine Teacher

At about 2PM on 25th Septemebr 2013, Mohammed Ayaz S/o Badi Alam (Age 13), a seventh standard student [in Basic Education High School (BEHS) Kyein Chaung (Bawli Bazaar), Maung Daw Township,] was severely beaten and wounded by a Rakhine teacher. Her name is Daw Shwe Yein Thu and she runs a tuck shop at the school.

The said Rohingya student was on his way back to the classroom from his toilet break. While passing by her shop, she hit his head with an iron-ladle many times alleging that he came out of the class-room without permission. [In actual fact, according to his classmates, he did take permission from his class-teacher to go to toilet.] He started bleeding and got severely injured.

The student, with his head bleeding, went to the headmaster of the school to lodge a complaint. Sadly, the headmaster did not take any action save saying that she had done so accidentally and would never do so again.

Here what one should be concerned is that she is allowed to run her shop during class-time and to beat a student (who is not under her charge) with a metallic piece. No action was taken. What the led the said teacher to beat the student is not known.

Basic Education High School (BEHS) Kyein Chaung (Bawli Bazaar) [Photo: MYARF]
Basic Education High School (BEHS) Kyein Chaung (Bawli Bazaar), Maung Daw Township [Photo: MYARF]


2- Military Extorted Money from Rohingya Fishermen

At around 8PM on 24th Septemeber 2013, 30 Rohingya fishermen (from the village of Att-Htet Phyuma (Furma), Nga-Kura (Nag-Pura) Village tract, northern Maung Daw) fishing in a river were forcibly taken to the office of the village administration by the military from Nga-Kura regiment. And for no reason, Military extorted Kyat 3,000 from each of the 30 Rohingya fishermen. Some of the fishermen are listed below.

1) Mohammed Anwar S/o Basah Meah (Age 40)- 2) Izhar Hussain S/o Zafar (Age 37)- 3) Sayed Hussain s/o Sabir Ahmed (Age 48)- 4) Akhtar Husssain S/o Sabir Ahmed (Age 29)- 5) Zakir Alam S/o Bashir Ahmed (Age 46)- 6) Mohammed Shafi S/o Zakir Alam (Age 26)- 7) Fakir Ahmed S/o ? (Age 55)- 8) Noor Hashim s/o ? (Age 29)- 9) Shomshu S/o Abu (Age 45)- 10) Zafar Islam S/o ? (Age 55)- 12) Abu Alam S/o ? (Age 40)- 13) Mir Ahmed- 14) Noor Alam- 15) Mohammed Alam- 16) Nurul Amin S/o Thanda Mya (Age 39)- 17) Mazama S/o Thanda Mya (Age 42)- 18) Abddus Salam S/o Noor Ahmed (Age 44)- 19) Noor Mohammed S/o Lalu (Age 40)- 20) Shabbir S/o Abu Siddique (Age 43) and 10 more people.

Money Extortion has become an income source for different departements of authority in Arakan. And Rohingyas are the sole victims of that money extortion business. Besides, Rohingyas are facing more restrictions of movement and against their livelihoods than they did under the disbanded NaSaKa institution.