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Updates 2: Persecution of Rohingya Continues

By RVISION Correspondents


02:00 PM 19/10/2016: Military have arrested 8 people in Rabaillah village of Maungdaw while raiding. They are:

Dil Muhammed S/O Sakir Ahmed,46
Helal Ahmed S/Oshabbir Ahmed ,24
Sayed Alma S/O Abu Ahmed
Sayed Akbar S/O Ula Mia
Nurul Amin S/O Amir Mulluk
Sayed islam S/O Ubaidur Rahman
MV Abul Alam S/O Abu taher and rest 3 Rohingyas are still unidentified.

01:30 PM 19/10/2016: Today 10:30 AM 82 military started raiding Rabaillah village of Maungdaw from early morning, there they shot down and killed a Rohingya civilian named to be Dil Muhammed S/O Sakir Ahmed,46. Now in Bure shidda fara ( Oo Kye Kyar) military started raiding and looting Rohingya houses and villagers are in terrified situation of because of their atrocities.

And earlier military arrested 13 Rogingyas from Nappura village, where 4 of then were kept at village and others were taken to BGP headquarter for further persecution in the name of investigation

01:30 PM 19/10/2016: Yesterday many Rohingyas have been arrested by Military in Ludaing (Du dan) village of Maungdaw. Military called them to search for unknown assailants who attacked on 9th october and later arrested them without any valid reasons.

01:00 PM 19/10/2016: Yesterday Military have arrived Ludaing (Du Dan) village of Maungdaw and stayed in the central Mosques (Morkoz), there they destroyed the the doors, windows and other mosques properties. Moreover 1 Rohingya died due to running and jumping in the lake due to fear of military.

Now military left towards Naisafuru (NgaSaKyu) village in the early morning and started raiding there. Up till now any atrocities could’t be reported due to restriction, scarcity and difficulty of communication.

12:00 PM 19/10/2016: Yesterday weapons have been found along with aids which was sent to Maungdaw to deliver to the Maughs. Even earlier other authorities like Police and Immigration was allowed to take up arms. Now with this step it is clear that Burmese military is planning for further atrocities along with Maughs.

11:00 AM 19/10/2016: Yesterday BGP from Fill hali (Thangana) quarter of Buthidaung arrested an innocent Rohingyas with a false accusation of sending information to media about the ongoing military atrocities. He is believed to have been killed by the BGP as earlier, the BGP refused to release him and no information has been heard about him since his arrest.

10:00 AM 19/10/2016: BGP along with Maugh village administrator arrested 2 Rohingyas in Fuiimali village of Buthidaung. BGP arrested them yesterday at 06:30 PM and tortured them inhumanely. Later, the BGP released  them after extorting a ransom of Kyat 1,000,000 per person. The victims are Nur Alam S/o Lalu, 18 and Rashidullah Ullah S/0 Baser, 18.

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Compiled and Edited by: Arifa

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