msa October 16, 2016
Reported by Rohingya Vision Correspondents
Compiled by M.S. Anwar
October 14, 20145
Maungdaw, Arakan State
  1. Thousands of people have already been internally displaced by the Burmese brutal military assaults on the Rohingya villages; extrajudicial killings and arbitrary arrests of the people by the military; and entirely burning Rohingya villages one after one.Especially, the villages like ‘Kiyari Ferang (KyetYoePyin), Nashaa Furu (NgaSarKyu) and Wabaik (WaPeik)’ have been razed by the Burmese Military. It has been leading to mass-exodus of people to unknown directions.

    The military is continuously terrozing the innocent Rohingya civilians.

    Thousands of ‘children, elderly people and the women are running to and fro to save their lives. They are screaming and crying. They have no roofs to sleep under. They have no food to eat.

    Seeing them in this situation, I feel like it’s a doomsday for them. A military-made humanitarian disaster is taking place.

  2. 15/10/16 5:30PM: Till date, the Burmese military have razed ‘WaBek (Wa’Peik), Kiyari Ferang (KyetYoePyin), Pyaung Paik of hamlet of Nashaa Furu (NgaSarKyu) village tract’ And more than 15,000 innocent Rohingya civilians have been internally displaced all over Maungdaw, who are now in a kind of dire situation beyond one’s imigination.Now, the military along some Rakhine extremists started destroying Nashaa Furu main village. All the villagers have been forced out. They have been looting their (Rohingyas’) foods, money valuable properties and everything. Worse, they have been destroying and burning the priceless documents of Rohingyas like NRC Cards and Family Registration List etc.

    It is a catastrophe! Yes, it is Military made!

  3. The Burmese Military arbitrarily arrested four innocent Rohingyas, a father and three of his sons, from a single family and other two guests of the family in Aung Sit Pyin (Dumbai) village yesterday.They are U Karimulllah, an ex-staff of an international NGO in Maungdaw and three of his sons.
    The military allege (based on the mere reports by some nearby Rakhine extremists) that another son of his who left for Saudi Arabia is now back to his village to fight against the Burmese armed forces and they (the military) his son to be handed over.

    Although U Karimullah said that that son of his has never been back and he would be unable to bring his son back from Saudi just to hand him over to them, the Miltary still arrested them and detained them since then.

    And the two guests arrested together with them are from Buthidaung township who are visiting them legally with Form 4.

    Their fate is still unknown.

    (Note: Form 4 is a travel permission that a Rohingya must obtain to travel from one township to another.)


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