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Update on Maungdaw Situation: Four More Rohingyas Arrested, Two Women Killed

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

17th January 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan: Around 2AM on 17th January 2013, Maungdaw authority arrested four more innocent Rohingyas in a raid in the village of Gawdusara, a village adjacent to the village of Du-Chira-Dan, Southern Maungdaw. Besides, around 8AM of the same day, two Rohingya women were killed by the security force in the village of Du-Chira-Dan.

“Around 2AM today (i.e. on 17th January 2014), a joint force of Military and Security Force (Hlun Hteins) raided the village of Gawdusara, a village neighboring to Kilai-Daung ( Du-Chira-Dan), alleging that there were people of Kilai-Daung taking refuge in the village. They didn’t not find out any people from Kilai-Daung. So, they plundered many houses and arrested four people from Gawdusara village instead. One of them was a very young child. They are:

1) Mv Noor Huda (Son of) Mv Kamal (age 35)

2) Mv Hanan (Son of) Mv Sultan (age 38)

3) Jamal (Son of) ? (Age 40)

4) Fazal (Son of) ? (Age 5). They are believed to have been taken to the Maungdaw Police Station’ said a Rohingya from a nearby village on the condition of anonymity.

“Besides, around 8AM today (i.e. on 17th January 2014), Hlun Hteins (Security Force) shot one Rohingya woman to dead. They, together with Rakhine terrorists forcibily took another woman to the military camp (the formerly primary school of the village) at the village. What happened to her afterwards is unknown. She is not seen anymore. We believe she was killed as well after doing whatever brutality they had wanted to do. Both of them were earlier taking refuge in a nearby village. However, they were killed when they attempted to come back to their homes to get some food rations as they were facing shortage of food ration at the place where they had been taking refuge. We are compiling their biodatae and will send them to you later” he added.

Besides, it has also been learnt that UNHCR Officials went to the village of Du-Chira-Dan to check out the actual situation in the region. They were chased away by the military and Rakhine terrorists with Machetes. More about this report is coming soon and we need to verify the authenticity.


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  1. Abu Umar Al Sultani Abu Umar Al Sultani January 17, 2014

    wake up all together for against misused low in Arakan state Myanmar

  2. Jack Sadak Jack Sadak January 18, 2014

    Let's awaken from you asleep andhappy and let's stop ganocide in Burma however you can do fpr burma manority Rohingyas

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