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UPDATE: Arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial killings intensified in Northern Arakan

By RVision TV | 25th August 2017

Arakan : Burmese Armed authorities have intensified arresting people including women, children and elderlies, killing civilians and burning villages with launchers and mortars. Government has deployed more troops to the region and supplied heavy weapons, according to locals. As usual, they are targeting civilians mercilessly.

In some villages, peoples are forced to evacuate their homes, especially in isolated villages of Rathedaung. Some of the updates in different village of Arakan:

12:30 PM: In Zammoinna village of Manugdaw, Military entered the village school and more Military were seen to be coming toward the region. And ARSA were also seen there in the position of self-defense.

In NaraingChaung, Buthiidaung, Military arrested more than 20 civilians, & on their way towards more Rohingya villages they started to torture pedestrian Rohingyas inhumanely, when other local came to save the injured Rohingya they started to fire on civilians and injured injuring 3 Rohingya critically. In Taungbazar, there are reports of slaughtering as well.

10 -12 AM: Since 10 AM military started to fire launcher on Rohingya houses in Satkainnafara, Maungdaw, killing one innocent Rohingya & injured many others.

At the same time BGPs started to arrest Rohingya families in Kuansibong, Maungdaw, where more than 20 females have been arrested up till now. Up till now situation of them is unknown and more military is been seen towards the region.

1:00 PM: Moreover military have placed mines bomb on the highways and hilly areas in Rohinvgya villages, which exploded in kuansibong, Maungdaw killing 4 Innocent Rohingya, injured a few critically and are in need of immediate medical assistance.

Here are some videos that may help you to imagine the situation, that may be less than 1% of the reality.

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