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Unknown Rakhines in BGP Uniform Rob Rohingya Motorcycles

By Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – Two unknown Rakhines in the uniforms of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) attack Rohingya motorcyclists and rob their motorcycles in northern Maungdaw Township frequently nowadays, according to the local sources.

The stranger Rakhines stop the passing Rohingya motorcyclists upon encounters, beat them and take away their motorcycles calling themselves to the Border Guard Police.

Although they (the strangers) ask the Rohingya people, when they take their motorcycles away, to go to the nearest Border Guard Police station to havetheir vehicles back, they (the victim Rohingyas) are unable to find them out in the station/camp and the Border Guard Police reply that they don’t know any such police colleagues of theirs.

Therefore, the Rohingya people are facing troubles as they are not only losing their motorcycles but also not getting justices from the sides of the authorities.  

“On September 25, while Mohammed Rashid Hashim, 25, hails from ‘Pwin Phyu Chaung’ village was on his way back home from ‘Kyet Yoe Pyin’ village by his motorcycle, two stranger Rakhines started following him by their motorcycle. Therefore, as soon as he reached to his home, he kept the motorcycle outside and entered his home. Meanwhile, the two people took his bike away.

Although he went and lodged complaint to the Border Guard Police Station in Commandment Region (Nay Myay) 5, he hasn’t got his vehicle yet.

Similarly, on September 23, Abdu Salam Futuya, 32, hails from ‘Kyein Chaung (Boli Bazaar)’ village was on the way to the downtown of Maungdaw by motorcycle. As he reached at the ‘Cashew Nuts’ farm in ‘Kyi Kan Pyin (Khawar Bil) village, the two Rakhines launched ambush on him and he lost sense subsequently. After that, they took his vehicle away,” said a local in Maungdaw.

They are two dark-skinned Rakhines speaking Rakhine language and hence, are suspected to be members of Arakan Army (AA) operating in the region. The local Rohingyas have lost seven motorcycles in the recent days because of their robberies.

The locals are extremely worried especially because the concerned Border Guard Police do not even carry out investigations upon complaints by the locals of missing their motorcycles let alone taking proper actions.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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