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Uneven Ration Distribution Hits Newly Arrived Refugees

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 1st January 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: Newly arrived Rohingya refugees in new make shift camps of Bangladesh are starving due to the uneven ration distribution and corruption of the local authorities of World Food Program (WFP) and other NGOs providing rations.

Some local authorities of different organizations and NGOs are accepting bribes and giving 3-4 ration cards in a single family with different names and can accept more rations illegally. Where as in other hands people unable to pay the bribe are not getting a single ration cards and are starving without a meal daily.

“local officers are harassing us for bribes and we cannot get any ration without bribing them” complains a newly arrived refugee. According to our sources in all most all the newly makeshift camps like Kutupalong and Balukhali these incidences are occurring daily.

More the 700, 000 Rohingyas arrived in Bangladesh since 25th August 2017, escaping deadly killings and tortures. And now they are facing a new challenge even for a proper daily meal after loosing their homes and dignity.

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