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Underage Rohingya Boy Tortured by Myanmar Troops

By Rohingya Eye | February 6, 2017

Maungdaw – An underage Rohingya boy was brutally tortured by the Myanmar troops in northern Maungdaw on Sunday (Feb 5), leaving him wounded severely and in critical condition, an eyewitness has reported.

He is Hassan (son of) Zubair, 13, a displaced Rohingya boy originally from the Middle hamlet of the village of ‘Kyikanpyin’ locally known as ‘Hawar Bil.’ Displaced when the BGP (Border Guard Police) Commander ‘Thura San Lwin’ uprooted the entire Middle hamlet on October 23, 2016, his family has been taking shelter at the West hamlet (of Kyikanpyin) since then.

It was at around 8:30 AM on February 5, the boy, desperately in need of daily meals, went out for fishing to a nearby fishery pond to the west of the village, where a dozen of Myanmar’s troops appeared out of nowhere. The troops rounded him up and took him to their camp in the nearby ‘Wapeik (Wabeik)’ hamlet.

In the camp, the military tortured him for the whole day and released him at around 4:30 PM. Unable to move and walk, the boy barely managed to crawl some distances towards his hamlet, where he was encountered by a man who helped him returned to his parents taking shelter in the West hamlet of Kyikanpyin.

His parents, being homeless and too poor, are unable to provide him medical treatments and there is no hope from the troops that tortured him either. With no treatments, his condition could get even worse.

This is a latest incident of a merciless torture by the Myanmar military after the report by UN OHCHR detailing the Devastating Cruelties by the Myanmar’s armed forces against the Rohingya population in Myanmar’s Rakhine Province.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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