msa November 2, 2016

By RVision TV Correspondents

Maungdaw – A delegation of the top United Nations Representatives and the foreign diplomats in Myanmar arrived in Maungdaw Township around 9:00 AM today, in order to into the ongoing military assaults on the Rohingya civilians in the region.

However, like during the violence in 2012, the Burmese military has been staging several fake events to trick the visiting the UN Delegation Team.

Following are the updates:

  • 12:00 Noon: Some local Hindus in Maungdaw were trained by authorities to act as Rohingya and are now being shown to the visiting UN and foreign officials as the Rohingyas.
  • 12:30 PM: The Burmese Army stationed at PyaungPaik (Haant Gojja Fara), a hamlet which had entirely been razed, by ousting all its people yesterday evening as an advance move to trick the visiting UN team in Maungdaw.
  • 12:30 PM: The Burmese army is threatening Rohingya villagers of NgaSarKyu (Naasha Furu), PyaungPaik (Haant Gojja Fara), OoShyeKya (Bura Shiddha Fara) not to meet with the UN team since yesterday evening.
  • 2 PM: Reportedly, the Hindu people — that have been replaced in the remaning Rohingya homes (which the Rohingyas had evacuated due to the military assualts) — in WaPaik (WaBek)’ hamlet of Kyikanpyin (Hawar Bil) told the UN team nothing happened to them. The delegation team left the Kyikanpyin an hour ago.
  • 2 PM: Two Rohingya people, Mr. Haashu and Mr. Salimullah, were stopped and detained by the Burmese army on the way to meet the UN team in ‘WaPaik.’ They were released only when some women came out and shouted before the UN team.
  • 2:30PM: The Burmese army has tightened securities in Rohingya villages in northern Maungdaw to prevent the people from meeting the UN Team. However, amidst all the securities and the threats, many Rohingyas managed to meet the UN Team.
  • 3:00 PM: As soon as the UN Team left the Kyikanpyin village, the Burmese army started raiding its West hamlet. The Rohingya civilians are on the run again!
  • 4PM: The Rohingya villagers at ‘SinThaePyin (Haanti Fara)’ met the UN team and now the delegation have moved on towards ‘PyaungPaik (Haant Gojja Fara)’ hamlet.
  • 5:15PM: 400 Burmese army continue to besiege Kyikanpyin village since the departure of the UN delegation. Worrying! Reportedly, some Rohingya men have been arrested while hiding in the paddy fields in the army siege of Kyikanpyin village since the departure of the UN delegation.
  • 5:30 PM: Many Rohingya men are being chased and arrested now in ‘WaPaik’ & ‘Kyikanpyin’ for meeting the UN Delegation.

[Compiled by M.S. Anwar and Arifa]

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