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Tyrannical Border Guard Police Arrest Many Innocent Rohingyas

By MYARF ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan State

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Myanmar’s tyrannical Border Guard Police (BGP) has been arbitrarily arresting and detaining innocent Rohingya people all over Maungdaw Township since late September, the local Rohingyas report.

The police raid Rohingya villages and vandalize and ransack their homes. Besides, they harass Rohingya women and beat and torture Rohingya men passing by different police-check posts located at every-three-mile on high ways.

Most of the arrests of the innocent people have been being made under the false allegation of having links with *RSO in Bangladesh.

Myanmar's Border Guard Police Raid and Vandalize Rohingya at Any Gven Time (Photo: MFQ/ Rohingya Vision)
Myanmar’s Border Guard Police Raid and Vandalize Rohingya at Any Gven Time (Photo: MFQ/ Rohingya Vision)

“BGP arrested a 16-year-old Rohingya teenager, Sadek Hussain (son of) Aamir Hamza, in Ngakura (also called Nagpura) village around 11AM last Monday. He was (falsely) accused of using Bangla SIM Card and having links with RSO. He was severely beaten up and sent to the Maungdaw Police detention in the evening of the day.

 He is an innocent teenager and doesn’t even have a clue of what RSO is” said a villager of Ngakura.

Similarly, around 2A.M. of the same day (i.e. the last Monday), a group of Border Guard Police and Rakhine (Magh) extremists raided Nyaung Chaung village where they beat up many Rohingyas , plundered their homes and arrested a number of them.

“A group of BGP from three-mile-police station led by their chief (Ye Hmuu) and around 15 Rakhine (Magh) extremists from Shwe Yin Aye village led by its administrator, U Aung Tun Hla, raided Nyaung Chaung (also known as Khadir Bil) village around 2AM on October 13. They raided the village without informing the concerned authoritative person, the administrator of the village.

When some villagers saw these strangers in their village, they shouted out for help assuming that they were dacoits. Then, the border guard police fired three warning shots. They destroyed windows, doors and other household properties of many Rohingya homes they raided. They robbed the jewelries, money and other valuable stuffs from the homes. They vandalized their homes.

They beat men and women. They behaved like the savaged animals. Mostly the Rakhine extremist youths! Besides, they arrested seven innocent Rohingyas for no reasons at all. They are:

1)      Harron (son of) Bashir Ahmed, Age 25

2)     Mohammed Alam (son of) Noor Mohammed, Age 30

3)      Noor Islam (son of) Khalil, Age 24

4)     Abdul Hafiz (son of) Khalil, Age 16

5)     Hafiz Anwar (son of) Mohammed Haroon, Age 20

6)     Abul Baser (son of) Fazal Rahman, age 49

7)      Noor Mohammed (son of) Noor Ahmed, Age 20

They are currently said to have been detained in the three-mile-police station. One of them, Harron (son of) Bashir Ahmed, was beaten up and tortured in detention so severely that he was hospitalized. According to the sources, he is suffering severe injuries and has less chance of surviving. Other six detainees are said to be charged under the different sections soon.

This group frequently raid Rohingya villages, plunder their homes and beat and arrest ramdom people for no reasons” said an elderly Rohingya declining to be named.

It has been learnt that yesterday afternoon, Border Guard Police at the above-mentioned three-check-post and the Myoma Kayindan-Bridge-Check-Post stopped every Rohingya passer-by: both men and women. They were bodily harassed and beaten up.

A Bullet Pierced Through an Aluminium Water Pot as the Border Guard Police Fired During an Arbitrary Raid (Photo: MFQ/ Rohingya Vision)
A Bullet Pierced Through an Aluminium Water Pot as the Border Guard Police Fired During an Arbitrary Raid (Photo: MFQ/ Rohingya Vision)

*RSO= Rohingya Solidarity Organization RSO is a former Rohingya armed group that has been disbanded long ago. Bangladesh government has officially announced that it is no longer existent today. Burma Experts on Minorities’ Armed Groups, Bertil Linter, has denied any such existence of RSO.

Now, Rakhine extremists and Myanmar Government have started to spread propaganda that militants from RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization), are infiltrating into Myanmar so as to be able to scapegoat and kill even more innocent Rohingyas to achieve their respective political goals.

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