msa December 9, 2014

By Saeed Arakani

Sittwe, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — A two-year-old displaced Rohingya baby is believed to have been killed by a Rakhine doctor in Sittwe General Hospital last Saturday, according to the baby’s mother, Daw Al-Qama.

It has been learnt that the Rohingya baby, Twariq Ziya (son of) Ziyaur Rahman was an internally displaced Rohingya from Dar Paing IDP camps, Sittwe.

The bay started suffering from diarrhea last Thursday and was admitted to the Sittwe General Hospital on Friday. But at the last moment of the discharge of the patient after the recovery, a Rakhine doctor gave him an injection which subsequently led him to an untimely demise.

“Our baby was suffering from diarrhea and hence we (the parents) took him to Dar Paing clinic for treatment.

The doctor at the clinic said the diarrhea had become serious and hence, he referred the baby to the Sittwe General Hospital around 2:30PM last Friday. So, his we got him admitted to the hospital on the same day and I (the mother) remained in the hospital as the caretaker of her baby.

Initially, the doctors in the hospital treated him well. So, the baby was about to recover fully.

However, unfortunately, around 8:00 AM on December 6, a doctor arrived at our (the patient’s) room and gave the baby patient an injection. Soon after the injection by the doctor, the baby passed away. I believe the doctor killed him” said Daw Al-Qama.

The hospital authority discharged the dead body of the baby. The hospital security personnel delivered the corpse to the internally displaced (IDP) camp in Dar Paing around 10:00AM of the day.

The killing of the Rohingya patients by the extremist Rakhine nurses and doctors in the hospital have occurred several times in the recent months. Especially after the expulsion of INGOs from Siitwe by the violent Rakhine Buddhist mob last March! However, this is the latest case of such a tragedy.

However, the vulnerable Rohingya IDP do not have any other options for medical treatment when they or their children become really and seriously ill. Therefore, they need to proceed to the hospital to try their luck as the last option. 

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