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Two Rohingyas Arrested, UNHCR Medical Team Blocked in Min Bya Township

Two Rohingyas Arrested, UNHCR Medical Team Blocked in Min Bya Township
August 15
12:10 2013

Reporting by Aung Aung on Twitter

15th August 2013

Last night (on 14th August 2013 night), six starving Rohingya from Sambali of MinPya left towards Peikthay Ywa of MinPya where their relatives live. As they were starving in Sambali , to save their lives , it was necessary to take a risk and travel on foot in the dark night. In the whole Arakan state, no Rohingya is allowed to travel from one village to another, one town to another, no Rohingya is allowed to hospitalize in any hospital, even for emergency cases.
xix Rohingya from Sambali took risk to move to their relatives in Peikthay Ywa of MinPya, on the way , they met Rakhine police who had torch in their hands, shouted and followed to arrest those innocent starving Rohingya. 4 of them escaped to Sambali but two of them were arrested by Rakhine police and kept in the custody. A Rohingya man Abu Amin , 30 yrs old and a Rohingya woman, Jannath Bi, 20 yrs old were arrested and kept in the custody. When a Rohingya called the police to know the reason, police said “ Abu Amin & Jannath committed a biggest crime, the Rohingya asked “What did they do, they were starving and tried to move to their relatives? Upon that Rakhine police said “Travelling from one place to another is the biggest crime, don’t you know”

A medical team led by UNHCR goes and gives treatment for the patients of Rohingya Thadar Ywa of MinPya once in 2 weeks, this week Rakhine terrorist congress blocked the road and medical team couldn’t reach the village .
Blocking food, medicine, and other necessaries, and 1000s restriction against Universal Human Rights, is going on in the whole Arkan, there is a systematic genocidal plan against Rohingya by Rakhine authority and Myanmar Government.
Some NGOs requested the Rakhine authority and tried to send some serious Rohingya patients to hospital but there are also some Na
rzi doctors who tried to kill those patients. For the Rohingya Arakan is 100 times worse than prison. 1million Rohingya are under blockage without accessing means of survivals, nearly 4300 innocent Rohingya are in police custody , Hlun Taine outpost and Jails.

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