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Two Rohingya escape from captivity Agents in Medan

Image by: ANTARA / Syifa / IRP

Two Rohingya escape from captivity Agents in Medan
July 31
10:48 2015

ACHE-Two Rohingya refugees, escaped from captivity agent at one of the area of Medan, and since Thursday (30/07/2015) yesterday has returned to the refugee camp in the Port area of Kuala Langsa.

Police Chief Superintendent Langsa Sunarya SIK, through Kasatpolair, AKP Kasnap SE, to, Friday (07/31/2015), said two Myanmar’s Rohingya  who have returned to the refugee camps, namely Abdullah (17) and Asmatullah (17).

The clerk claimed they managed to escape from captivity the agency, in a way to break the door of the house in an area of ​​the city of Medan that they do not know the name of the location.

Furthermore, Abdullah and Asmatullah straight home to Langsa, Aceh with a bus ride. While 14 of their friends still in the field, and how many more days and then a total of 17 who escaped from the shelter in Langsa, had returned to the shelter.

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