Two Arbitrarily Jailed Rohingyas Die in Buthidaung Prison

Anwar M.S.
By January 15, 2015 08:51

Two Arbitrarily Jailed Rohingyas Die in Buthidaung Prison


Buthidaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — The rampant and extreme tortures by the jail authority have killed two innocent Rohingya victims of arbitrary detentions in Buthidaung prison recently, a local Rohingya said on Monday.

The victims are some of the many Rohingyas that have been detained arbitrarily over the allegation of inciting the 2012 violence and without any fair trial or any right to legal procedures.

“Rakhine extremists burnt down Rohingya homes and villages in June-July 2012. However, the Myanmar has arbitrarily arrested hundreds of innocent Rohingyas over the allegation of triggering violence and torching Rakhine homes. Subsequently, the people have been arbitrarily handed long-term imprisonments” a local in Buthidaung said.

It has been learnt that, since then, the jail authority has been brutally treating and rampantly torturing them. Therefore, many people have facing untimely and unfortunate demises.

“Three innocent people have recently died due to tortures. They are:

  • Nazir Ahmed (son of) Shabbir Ahmed, 33, died at 2:00PM on January 2, hailed from Padin village, Maungdaw Township
  • Zainal Uddin, 40, died around 5PM on January 5, hailed from Maung Ni hamlet of Myoma Kayintan (Shidda Fara) village tract.

Their dead bodies were not handed over to their respective families for proper burial according to their religions. But rather, they were buried in the premise of the prison” he continued.

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Anwar M.S.
By January 15, 2015 08:51

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