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Twelve Rohingya IDP Arrested for an Alleged Scuffle with Camp Committee

By Saeed ׀ Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan ׀

Authority arrested at least twelve internally displaced Rohingyas in Sittwe for an alleged scuffle with Camp Committee members yesterday, according to the sources in Sittwe Township.

Baw Du Pha refugee camp in Sittwe Rakhine State western Myanmar (Photo: Khin Maung Win/ AP)
Baw Du Pha refugee camp in Sittwe Rakhine State western Myanmar (Photo: Khin Maung Win/ AP)

The scuffle took place in Bawdu Pha IDP camps reportedly due to disagreement between Internally displaced Rohingyas and Camp Committee members regarding the distribution of hygiene kits donated by Danish Refugee Council (DRC). The camp committee is said to have been set up with the government informers and collaborators.

“A team of DRC arrived at Bawdu Pha Camps with hygiene kits meant for the displaced people yesterday morning. When they started distributing the hygiene kits to the displaced people, the camp committee members asked DRC team to hand over the kits to them instead of directly distributing to the people.

The camp committee set up with government’s collaborators and informers have the past records of abusing aids and sharing them with the authority. Therefore, around 11:30AM, some people from IDP camps went to and gathered in front of the camp committee office to demand the committee members not to misuse the aids like before.

However, the committee informed the authority that the IDP people have attacked them” said an internally displaced Rohingya that witnessed the incident.

“Dozens of military and police personnel arrived at the camps and started firing warning-shots. They with no evidence accused the IDP of attacking the committee members. They surrounded many shelter camps and started arresting people for no good reason.

The military led by the Second in Command of Military Battalion 354 (Bawdu Pha Battalion) arrested 12 men and 3 women. The women were arrested on behalf of their husbands who were accused to have involved in the alleged scuffle with the committee members” he added.

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