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Turkish NGOs Donate Rice to Rohingyas in Kyikanpyin

By Rohingya Eye | January 15, 2017

Maungdaw — The Turkish Humanitarian NGOs donated rice to the displaced and violence-hit Rohingyas at the village of Kyikanpyin in Northern Maungdaw (locally known as Hawar Bil) on Wednesday (Jan 11), it has been reported.

The Turkish NGOs, TiKA and AFAD, handed over 304 sacs of rice containing 50 Kg in each sac to the village administrator, U Zaw Phyu Tun (known as an extremist Rakhine Buddhist), for distribution to the Rohingya villagers.

“After the humanitarian team had left, the village administrator divided the rice sacs and estimated 60 sacs of rice were given to the villagers of Wapeik (Wabek) hamlet of Kyikanpyin, 62 sacs to the villagers of the middle hamlet, 60 sacs to the villagers of the South hamlet and other 44 sacs were kept aside for the ‘Illegal Rakhine/Bama Settlers known as Natala Modal Villagers. And approximately, the village administrator took the renaming 17 sacs for himself reasoning that these were required as the transportation costs,” said an eyewitness, speaking to RVISION Correspondent on the condition of anonymity.

The Myanmar Authorities have sealed off the humanitarian access to Northern Maungdaw since the military launched indiscriminate offensives on the civilians in the region on October 9, 2016, on pretext of ‘Region Clearance Operation.’ However, the seemingly recent ease on the humanitarian blockage is viewed among the locals in Maungdaw as an attempt by the Myanmar government to reduce international pressures on them and create pressures on the upcoming Malaysian humanitarian flotillas to Arakan.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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