msa November 22, 2016

By Rohingya Mirror and Rohingya Eye | RVision TV News

Maungdaw – The Burmese troops continue to gang-rape Rohingya women, arbitrarily arrest of (Rohingya) civilians, plunder properties and destroy their homes in northern Maungdaw.

The latest Rohingya village to come village to come under the brutal attack of the Burmese army is Kya Gaung Taung Village locally known as ‘Rabailla.’ Since yesterday, the army have committed following inhumane atrocities.

  • Around 200 Burmese troops besieged Kya Gaung Taung (Rabailla) village yesterday (on November 21) early morning and announced through loudspeakers “we came here to hold a meeting with you, not to arrest the villagers.”
    But knowing the ill-tactic of the troops, the men started to flee to hide-outs. Around 5 pm, the troops began raiding the villagers’ homes.
  • They seized five Rohingya owned-motorcycles and some Solar Panels; and plundered valuables and destroyed immovable properties in the homes.
  • In some homes, they molested the women in the name of body-search, while in some other homes, they went on to Gang-Rape some women. So far, we have received the details of the four gang-raped victims, three teenagers and one middle-aged women at the village. (We withhold their identities for their safety.)
  • The troops tortured some children and old people they encountered on their way. Besides, they arrested total 25 innocent men at the village.
  • As the Sun sets in, they forced the women at the village to come out of their homes and gather them along with the 25 men arrested at a paddy field outside the village and kept them as HOSTAGE until 11 pm at night. During the hostage of the women, they GANG-RAPED at least 50 women of them.
    Seeing the unbearable plight of the girls and women getting Gang-Raped by the troops, a youth spoke up and requested the army members not to do so. Thus, the military personnel whacked him with their guns and he died on the spot.
  • Meanwhile, they set fires on the Rohingya homes (remained unburnt during November 13 and 14) at the Sommonnah Fara hamlet of Kya Gaung Taung (Rabailla) village tract.
  • At night, they slaughtered a Rohingya owned Bull without paying any compensation and had dinner.
    U Du Du Miya, ex-administrator of Kya Gaung Taung, and his whole family too died in a van accident last night as they were trying to flee from the assaults and inhumane atrocities in the region.
  • This morning, starting 8 am, they began to torch homes at the Kya Gaung Taung village. One home belongs to Aamir Hussein has been burnt down up until now.
    Elsewhere in northern Maungdaw, 
  • The Burmese troops stationed at the Border Guard Police Camp 24 in Kyeing Chaung (Boli Bazaar) village raided the residence of Shariff Hussein (son of) Hafizu Rahman, 38, at the village on November 19, where they plundered Kyat 3 Million worth of food rations and valuable properties.
  • Around 300 Burmese troops besieged Rohingya village ‘Myau Taung (Saali Ferang)’ on November 21 and the men fled in fear of the arbitrary arrests.
    So, they tortured the disabled and the old people found in the village. The troops rounded up the village women at a plain in the village. After that, they gang-raped a few women from the group.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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