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Treatment by Rakhine Doctors turns Fatal and Killed a Pregnant Rohingya women

By RVision TV Correspondents | 19th July 2017

Maungdaw: A pregnant Rohingya women died after treatment by Rakhine doctors in the village of Hawarbil, northern Maungdaw, on 16th July 2017, reports a suffering local.

In the tragic incidence pregnant women was taken to the hospital on 13th July, who was lingering with delivery pain. In the hospital she was admitted and no relatives were allowed to see her during that period.

Later at 4 PM she was hand over to her relative by the Rakhine doctors in critical health condition. While going back to home, she gave birth to a baby boy, who died immediately after birth. And mother died on 16th July at 3 PM , by heavy nasal bleeding.

Following the situation Local Rohingyas suspects Rakhine doctors to inject something poisonous, which they have always been doing to the Rohingya patients in their custody. The victim is identified to be Anjuma D/O Rahimullah, 23.

Denial of healthcare have been a continuous genocidal tool going on Rohingyas, were many lives were taken by the brutal Rakhine doctors and Nurses earlier and is still expected to continue even in the rule of democratic government.

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