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Torturing, Extorting Money and Arresting Rohingyas Know No Bounds across Buthidaung

By RVision TV Correspondents

12th June, 2017

Buthidaung– Local authorities across Buthidaung Township, Arakan state have been increasingly and discriminately torturing the Rohingyas, extorting money from them and arresting them arbitrarily where many arrestees are unlawfully jailed without any trial since October 9, 2017, the locals reported.

Some Border Guard Police (BGP) from Sector (9), Taung Bazar Camp arbitrarily arrested 5 innocent Rohingya men- educated youths and religious teachers- hailing from Maung Gyi Taung on 1st June and have been torturing them in their lock-up on suspicion of having connection with the armed group. The arrestees are:

  1. Amir Hakim, 55 years
  2. Abdu Rahim, S/o Amir Hakim, 34 ( a religious scholar)
  3. Abdu Monnan, S/o Amir Hakim, 30
  4. Sammia, S/o ——-, 42, and
  5. Nurmamad, S/o ———-, 40

On 31st May, BGP from Nyaung Chaung Camp suspiciously arrested Islam, S/o Gonu Mia, 40, who hails from Sein Hnyin Pyar and have been detaining him incommunicado. On the same day, police form Buthidaung Town arrested Haji Islam, S/o Ali Ahmed, 42, from Ward No. (1) who owns a shop in the town-market.  On 1st June, police put up a case before the court of law and have been holding him on remand, said a neighbor in the condition of anonymity.

Once, the village-tract administrator U Maung Gyi from Hpa Yar Pyin Aung Pa along with his informer summoned Mohammad Toyub, S/o Mohammad Siddique, 40, to the office and forcibly demanded five hundred thousand kyats saying that he was getting money from abroad. As he refused to fulfill their demand, the administrator called BGP from Nyaung Chaung to detain him. After a day, Siddique, who is a motorcycle carrier, was released by being extorted four hundred thousand kyats, according to a local.

Moreover, the administrator extorted one hundred thousand kyats from Mohammad Zubair, S/o Saaf Mia, 38, who was repairing the house destroyed by Cyclone Mora. Later, the informer begged fifty thousand kyats on 5th May although the administrator took money for repairing. As Zubair didn’t give him money, he called BGP who destroyed the house completely as they couldn’t catch him. Since then, the house owner has been fleeing to avoid the detention of BGP.   

The locals said, “The local authorities’ unlimited oppressions and suppressions, money extortions, arbitrary arrests, kills and imprisonments make us hopeless, foodless and homeless. Sometimes some Rohingyas face premature deaths. The hostile situation compels us to flee the country but we find nowhere to be safe.

“Verbal criticism and compulsion of international leaders and UN are unfruitful and they haven’t taken any practical action against Myanmar yet for which it doesn’t pay heed to anyone or anything.”

 Edited by: Md. Shuaib

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