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By Rohingya Eye | April 30, 2017

Maungdaw — The Myanmar troops tortured four Rohingya teenagers in southern Maungdaw on Saturday (Apr 29), leaving one of the teenagers critically injured, according to a reliable source.

The teenager was coming back home after working in his family-owned farm at around 5 pm, when he was stopped and ganged up by the military. He has been identified as ‘Mohammed Toyub (16), s/o Abdur Rahim’ from the village of ‘Kullon’ (officially called Thinbaw Kway) in southern Maungdaw.

Other three teenagers along with one middle-aged man are also from the same village, who were tortured by the same troops, while they were looking after their buffalos at around the same time yesterday. They are:

1) Hefzur Rahman (11), s/o Mv Abdus Salaam
2) Abdu Shukkor (12), s/o Dous Mohammed
3) Omar Farooque (8), s/o Sultan Ahmed
4)Saleh Ahmed (55), s/o Mohammed

“The Myanmar military severely beat up Mohammed Toyub (16) with York (wood). He can’t move or speak now. His health is in critical condition. Other three minors and one man were also beaten by the military in similar manners.

“We can’t figure out why they were so inhumanely beaten up. They were tortured for no reasons at all”, said a villager on the condition of anonymity.

The military personnel indulged in the rampant tortures belong to an infantry unit located to the east of the village of ‘Kullon’ (Thinbaw Kway), which has around 45 troop members. It operates under the command of ‘Koetankauk Battalion’ in Rathedaung Township.

While in northern Maungdaw, around 45 Myanmar soldiers encamped in the buildings of ‘Maung Nama’ Post Primary School on April 25. Since then, the curfew period has been extended in the region from ‘9 PM – 5 AM’ to ‘7 PM – 5 AM’.

A local at the village of Maung Nama (locally called Mondama) explaining the situation after the redeployment of the military said “the military are subjecting every other random person to humiliating body-searches and frequent beatings. They are plundering fruits and vegetables from our house farms.
“And they daily order for bottles of mineral water, firewood and petrol from us through village administrator. We are forced to fulfill their requirements.”

The vulnerabilities of Rohingya people being subjected to tortures and arbitrary arrests have increased since recent redeployments of troops in the region.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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