Three Rohingyas Disappear after Being Arrested by Military

Anwar M.S.
By December 22, 2016 02:32

Three Rohingyas Disappear after Being Arrested by Military

By Rohingya Mirror | December 22, 2016

Maungdaw — Three Rohingyas, one man and two teenagers, have disappeared after being arrested by the Myanmar military in northern Maungdaw on December 20 evening, it has been reported.

The man was identified as Mohammed Alam (40), s/o Ula Meah, a local of the village of Kyar Gaung Taung. On his way back home after selling vegetables at the ‘YeDwinChaung’ bazaar at around 5 pm on December 20, he encountered with some military and subsequently got arrested.

After that, the military arrested two teenagers working at a fishery pond at the village of YeDwinChaung. The military were seen to have been taking them towards the Rakhine village of ‘Kan Pyin.’

Since then, three of them have been missing making them some of the latest victims of enforced disappearance by the military.

In another incident on December 20, two Border Guard Policemen from the sentry post based at ‘Kyar Gaung Taung’ arbitrarily arrested Mohammed s/o Noor Ahmed, a Rohingya youth in his 20s, upon encountering him while he was walking a long the road. They beat him and released him after robbing his money.

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Anwar M.S.
By December 22, 2016 02:32

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