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Thirteen Rohingyas Die as Boat Sinks on its Way to Kyauktaw

By Abu Muhammad ׀ Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kyauktaw, Arakan State ׀

A boat carrying thirty eight Rohingyas on board left accidentally sank in the river en route from Punna Gyun Township to Kyauktaw Township yesterday morning, causing fifteen casualties, according to the reports.

Of the 38 passengers, twenty three managed to escape alive, while twelve died and three people are still missing.

“Around 38 Rohingyas with a boat set off from Thay Ta Kar village in Punna Gyun Township around 11:00AM on August 30. Unfortunately, the boat sank in the middle of the Kaladan river on its way to Kyauktaw Township.

Twelve people died and three are missing, whereas twenty three managed to swim across the river and escape alive.

The names of the people that died are:

1)     Zaliya Begum (son of) Meah Hussein (of age 42)

2)     Ambiya (daughter of) Mohammed Shafi

3)     Rahimah (daughter of) Noor Ahmed

4)     Mansoorah (daughter of) Abdur Rahim

5)     Laila Begum (daughter of) Abdus Salam (of age 25)

6)     Mamtaz (daughter of) Mohammed (of age 13)

7)     Mohammed Aziz (son of) Mohi Uddin (of age 2)

8)     Mohammed Ariff (son of) Abu Sayyid (of age 1 year 6 months)

9)     Noor Hamid (son of) Auli Ahmed (of age 7)

10) Noor Fatema (son of) Fazal (of age 5)

11) Aziz Ullah (son of) Azizul Hoque (of age 5)

12) Mukhtar Hafiz (son of) Auli Ahmed (of age 8)

13) Ali Husein (son of) Sayyid Akhbar (of age 13), Missing

14) Mubariq (son of) Mohi Uddin (of age 8), Missing

15) Farida (daughter of) Noor Ahmed (of age 35), Missing” said a local Rohingya in Kyauktaw.Punna-Gyun-22

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