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The Ongoing Atrocities of NaSaKa in Maung Daw

MS Anwar

RVision News


Maung Daw, Arakan– There is a NaSaKa (Border Security Force) check post the bridge of Mayon Khali (Khala Ful) between the village of Khadir Bil (Nyaung Chaung) and Shikda Fara (Myoma Kayintan). The sub-camp falls under the camp no.14 of the commandment area 7. The harassments and atrocities being carried out by these NaSaKas have become unbearable to the Rohingyas.

They are random raping Rohingya women, looting their money and torturing them.

“They rape a Rohingya woman often, especially, if she is found alone and happens to be young and beautiful. NaSaKa abduct them and take into their camps. They behave inhumanely with the women. There are many cases that many Rohingya women disappeared after they had abducted them” said a Rohingya from nearby village.

“We try not to let the women go out because of such fear. Yet, there are many houses in which their men and sons have been missing because the authority continues arbitrarily arresting and keeping them in incommunicado” he exclaimed.

“NaSaKa have been torturing and looting money from Rohingya passers-by especially rickshaw drivers and other people who have to go through the post in search of income” said another Rohingya.

“The NaSaKa’s ruthless behaviours have become totally unbearable for us here. We wish to request international community and our other well-wishers to do something to help us out of this trouble” he continued.

Moreover, the NaSaKa in camp no.14 under the commandment area 7 are extorting Kyat 100,000 per outing to the sea from the Rohingya fishermen in the name of so-called Tax. It has become too much for the fisherman according to a Rohingya in the village of Padin.