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THE GROANING OF HUMANITY (Poem) | RVision for Arakanese Pens

RVision for Arakanese Pens | Poem

By – Mohammad Rafique Habib Abu Safwan*

Buddhist monks holding banners attend a demonstration against a visit by members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in Yangon on November 15, 2013. Myanmar Buddhist monks led rallies against the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation as delegates from the Muslim body toured western Rakhine state, where religious violence has torn communities asunder. The delegation from the world's top Islamic body is in the country to discuss the response to several bouts of anti-Muslim violence that have left some 250 people dead and tens of thousands homeless. AFP PHOTO/ SOE THAN WIN

The Ghost of Devil flamed with dancing!!

The helpless oppressed Rohingya Compelled to leave away

From their native motherland,  Arakan.

The yellow Dreams of having a shelter in abroad,

The colored hope of ray

Gathered in their eyes;

Hence, they sailed their tiny boat of migration near to the boarder.

TOPSHOTS Rohingya Muslims, trying to cross the Naf river into Bangladesh to escape sectarian violence in Myanmar, look on from an intercepted boat in Teknaf on July 13, 2012. Bangladesh on Wednesday refused three more boatloads of Rohingya Muslims fleeing sectarian violence in Myanmar, officials said, despite growing calls for the border to be opened. Bangladeshi guards have turned back 16 boats carrying more than 660 Rohingya people, most of them women and children, since June 11 as they tried to enter from neighbouring Myanmar across the river Naf. AFP PHOTO/ Munir uz ZAMANMUNIR UZ ZAMAN/AFP/GettyImages

The aimless Rohingyas are floating on the water,

Who will give them shelter?

The border is closed by means of so called territorial law,

The Buddhist Terrorists are blindly mad-

– In having revenge from this helpless ethnic minor-community

Where will they seek the drop of Humanity?


The in vain vowing of UN& Humanitarian Organs,

The bloody Myanmar is not paying heed to the International slogans

The Helping-Donors pushing among them,

The Ocean-daughter raised her head and says to the International community,

“It remains silent below the boot of Myanmar Dictator Military-

“The Groaning of Humanity.”

I don’t know the Rohingya; I don’t see any race or tribe

Even I never do partiality.


I do know merely that, “They are made of flesh and blood-

They are the human beings, the best creature of you (the creator).

Save them by Your Heavenly Hand

Hence they have the sense of man”

It is my inner long-cherished solemnity

How long will groan in Arakan the Humanity?


*The Poet is currently a lecturer of English Language and Literature in Jāmi’ah al-Banāt al-Namudhajiyyah, Cox’s Bazar.