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Taking Bribe, Police Let a Rakhine Drug Peddler Sell Drugs in Maungdaw

By Myo Aung

Friday, April 9, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan– A few members of Maungdaw Police took bribe from a Rakhine narcotics drug peddler and let him sell Ya Ba Tablets in the downtown of Maungdaw on 4th April 2014. And other drug peddlers in his chain smuggle the tablets into Bangladesh.

“U Zaw Oo, a Rakhine (Magh), is an ex-chairman of the village of Alay-Than-Kyaw (Haisshurata) in southern Maungdaw Township. He is now a drug smuggler and seller in the township. As usual, around 5PM on 4th May 2014, he was going to the downtown of Maungdaw with 25,000 Ya Ba (WY) Tablets for sale. Meanwhile, with advance information of his arrival, three Rakhine Police officers were waiting for him in front of the Bangladesh Monastery at the village of Myoma Kayintan (Shidda Fara).

Upon his arrival, Police stopped him and took Kyat 2,000,000 from him as bribe. Then, instead of arresting him (the drug peddler), they set him free to sell the drugs in the downtown of Maungdaw. The drug peddler left the downtown of Maungdaw at night after selling the drugs there. Then, other drug peddlers in his chain will smuggle these drugs into Bangladesh.

The three Police Officers are:

1)       U Thaung Htay, a Lieutenant Police or Sub-Inspector Police

2)       U Htu Htu (known as Bolay Htu Htu), a Second Lieutenant

3)       U Hla Myint, a Sergeant” said a Rohingya who witnessed the incident.

“This is a classic example of how Rakhine authority collaborates with and helps drug peddlers to expand their illegal business. These illegal businesses damage local communities as well as international communities to an extent” he added.

Police Dealt with the Rakhine Drug Peddler in front of the Bangladesh Monastery.
Police Dealt with the Rakhine Drug Peddler in front of the Bangladesh Monastery.