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Take Immidiate Action To Freed 38 Rohingya Women Confined in a Rakhine village

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

20th January 2013 | Southern Maungdaw, Arakan State

Around 3AM on 14th January 2014, a joint force of Myanmar Military, Security Force (Hlun Hteins) and Rakhine terrorists made a brutal assault on a Rohingya village called Du-Chira-Dan (Kilai-Daung) in Southern Maungdaw, Arakan state. Since then, they have killed many innocent villagers, arrested many others, abducted many men/women and raped many women/girls. They have literally deserted the village. The village has been totally blocked and declared to be No-Entry Zone for Rohingyas and observers. The brutalities against Rohingyas are beyond one’s imagination.

30 women/girls, 6 men/boys and 5 children have been massacred. 200 Women/girls, 120 men/boys and 65 Children have gone missing since then. (Read Details HERE)

Of them, “there are 38 Rohingya women confined in a Rakhine village called Mrawaddy. It is a hamlet of the village of Wach-Cha in southern Maungdaw, Arakan state. They are being tortured, raped and mutialated. They are being dehumanized. They are being confined nude or without any clothes. It also happens to be cold season” revealed a Rakhine on the condition of anonymity.

He further said “I am telling you this because I, myself, can’t see all such sufferings of some human beings. My identity should not be revealed lest I should be declared as a traitor. I can help you only this much.

We, Rohingya community at home and abroad, unanimously plead the goverment of Myanmar, International Government Bodies as well as International Community to take action to freed these ill-fated and vulmerable women from the hands of Rakhine terrorists aided by their people in Police and Security Force and also to find out Rohingya women still missing.


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  1. Mohd Hanapi Yaacob Mohd Hanapi Yaacob January 20, 2014

    Ya Allah selamatkan saudara Islam kami. Hancurkan mereka yang memusuhi Islam.

  2. Nuralam Saeyedhussain Nuralam Saeyedhussain January 21, 2014


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