RVISION April 14, 2018

By Rohingya Vision TV correspondents | 14th April 2018 Buthidaung: Extremists Rakhines (Moghs) killed a Rohingya teenage boy by attacking him brutally in a village of Butuidaung Township today (14th April), reported a villager. A set of Rakhine extremists (Mogh) attacked a 12 year old Rohingya cowboy, while getting back to his home. He was […]

RVISION April 9, 2018

Conditions in Myanmar’s crisis-hit northern Rakhine state are “not conducive” to bringing back Rohingya from Bangladesh, the UN told AFP, in remarks that jar with the country’s insistence that it is ready for returnees. Some 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled over the border since August to escape a bloody military crackdown that has left a […]

RVISION April 2, 2018

Bangladesh has begun relocating 100,000 Rohingya refugees to safer ground before the monsoon season for fear of deadly landslides and floods in the congested camps, an official said Sunday (Apr 1). The UN says about 150,000 refugees in Bangladesh’s southeast – where nearly one million Rohingya in total live in shanties on hillsides – are […]

RVISION March 28, 2018

Following intense engagement and continuous global pressures, Myanmar last week entered an agreement with Bangladesh to repatriate, in phases, the Rohingyas who took refuge there, Bangladesh High Commissioner to India Syed Muazzem Ali said on Tuesday. “We need to sustain the ongoing international pressure. We believe India would continue its support in the coming days […]

RVISION March 27, 2018

UNITED NATIONS: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday (Mar 26) criticised Myanmar’s army chief after he declared that the Muslim Rohingya had nothing in common with the country’s other ethnic groups. Guterres said he was “shocked” at reports of General U Min Aung Hlaing’s remarks at a military gathering and urged Myanmar’s leaders to “take […]

RVISION March 21, 2018

MAUNGDAW:  “We want to live peacefully like other communities in Myanmar. We don’t need to be discriminated (against),” 51-year-old Dil Mohammed shouted from across barbed wire fencing in the “no man’s land” area between Myanmar and Bangladesh. However this is no simple task, especially in violence-stricken Maungdaw in Myanmar’s nothern Rakhine state. More than half […]

RVISION March 13, 2018

For more than six months, the world has watched in horror as Myanmar’s military has carried out a vicious campaign of ethnic cleansing in northern Rakhine State, forcing hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims to flee to neighboring Bangladesh. Human Rights Watch documented massacres, gang rape, and mass arson that amount to crimes against humanity. […]

RVISION March 10, 2018

The UN human rights chief has called for all atrocities committed against Myanmar’s Rohingya to be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for prosecution. Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein, who has previously described Myanmar’s campaign against the Rohingya as a “textbook case of ethnic cleansing”, also urged the country to allow monitors into […]

RVISION March 8, 2018

More than 43,000 Rohingya parents have been reported lost, presumed dead in the six months since Myanmar’s military unleashed a crackdown last August, according to a new report. These figures provide the latest indication that even by conservative estimates the number of Muslim Rohingya killed in the crisis far exceeds the Myanmar government’s official count […]

RVISION March 7, 2018

Myanmar is continuing its “ethnic cleansing” of Rohingya, while claiming it is ready to receive them back from Bangladesh, according to a UN human rights envoy. Andrew Gilmour, UN assistant secretary-general for human rights, made the remarks in a statement on Tuesday after speaking to newly-arrived Rohingya in Bangladesh’s refugee camps on his four-day visit […]